Previous ISNS and related meetings

ISNS international meetings
1st meeting 1991: Leura (NSW), Australia
2nd meeting 1993: Lille, France
3rd meeting 1996: Boston (MA), USA together with ASTPHLD
4th meeting 1999: Stockholm, Sweden
5th meeting 2002: Genoa, Italy
6th meeting 2006: Awaji, Japan
7th meeting 2009: Cancun, Mexico, together with SLEIMPN
8th meeting 2013: Atlanta (GA), USA, together with APHL
9th meeting 2016: The Hague, The Netherlands, also 10th European regional meeting
10th meeting 2019: Hangzhou, China, also 11th Asia-Pacific regional meeting
11th meeting 2023: Sacramento, USA, together with APHL

ISNS regional meetings
Asia-Pacific region
1st meeting 1993: Sapporo, Japan
2nd meeting 1995: Hong Kong
3rd meeting 1998: Chiang Mai, Thailand
4th meeting 2001: Manila, Philippines
5th meeting 2004: Shanghai, China
6th meeting 2007: Singapore
7th meeting 2010: Bali, Indonesia
8th meeting 2013: New Delhi, India
9th meeting 2015: Penang, Malaysia
10th meeting 2017: Ulaanbataar, Mongolia
11th meeting 2019: Hangzhou, China

European region
1st meeting 2001: Königstein, Germany
2nd meeting 2003: Pultusk, Poland
3rd meeting 2004: Seville, Spain
4th meeting 2005: Paris, France
5th meeting 2007: Reykjavik, Iceland
6th meeting 2009: Prague, Czech Republic
7th meeting 2011: Geneva, Switzerland
8th meeting 2012: Budapest, Hungary
9th meeting 2014: Birmingham, UK
10th meeting 2016: The Hague, The Netherlands, also 9th International meeting
11th meeting 2018: Bratislava, Slovakia
12th meeting 2021: Luxembourg
13th meeting 2025: Luxembourg

Middle East-North African region
1st meeting 2006: Marrakech, Morocco
2nd meeting 2008: Cairo, Egypt
3rd meeting 2010: Doha, Qatar
4th meeting 2020: Limassol, Cyprus

Other societies
US ASTPHLD National Neonatal Screening Symposium (1981-1999)
US APHL Newborn Screening & Genetic testing Symposium (2001 onward)
1st meeting 1981: Austin, TX
2nd meeting 1982: Chicago, IL
3rd meeting 1984: Orlando, FL
4th meeting 1985: Columbus, OH
5th meeting 1986: Austin, TX
6th meeting 1988: Portland, OR
7th meeting 1989: New Orleans, LA
8th meeting 1991: Saratoga, NY
9th meeting 1992: Raleigh, NC
10th meeting 1994: Seattle, WA
11th meeting 1995: Corpus Christi, TX
12th meeting 1996: Boston, MA together with ISNS
13th meeting 1998: San Diego, CA
14th meeting 1999: St. Louis, MO
15th meeting 2001: Raleigh, NC
16th meeting 2002: Phoenix, AZ
17th meeting 2004: Atlanta, GA
18th meeting 2005: Portland, OR
19th meeting 2007: Minneapolis, MN
20th meeting 2008: San Antonio, TX
21th meeting 2010: Orlando, FL
22th meeting 2011: San Diego, CA
23th meeting 2013: Atlanta, GA together with ISNS
24th meeting 2014: Anaheim, CA
25th meeting 2016: St. Louis, MO
26th meeting 2017: New Orleans, LA
27th meeting 2019: Chicago, IL
28th meeting 2020: online
29th meeting 2021: online
30th meeting 2022: Tacoma, WA, hybrid
31th meeting 2023: Sacramento, CA, hybrid

Sociedad Latinoamericano de Errores Innatos del Metabolismo y Pesquisa Neonatal (SLEIMPN)
Founded 1996: Porto Alegre, Brazil
1st meeting 1997: Havana, Cuba
2nd meeting 1999: Santiago, Chile
3rd meeting 2001: Carthagena, Colombia
4th meeting 2003: Iguazu, Argentina
5th meeting 2005: San José, Costa Rica
6th meeting 2007: Punta del Este, Uruguay
7th meeting 2009: Cancun, Mexico together with ISNS
8th meeting 2011: Cusco, Peru
9th meeting 2013: Medellin, Colombia
10th meeting 2015: Santiago, Chile
11th meeting 2017: Rio de Janeiro, Brazil
12th meeting 2019: Buenos Aires, Argentina
13th meeting 2022: Punta Cana, Dominican Republic
14th meeting 2024: Punta del Este, Uruguay