Michael Gelb

Recipient of the Robert Guthrie Award 2022

Prof Michael Gelb was trained as a chemist and biochemist and received his PhD from Yale University.  Since 1985 he has been employed by the University of Washington, Seatlle, USA, currently as full professor. He has received a large number of awards and honours and co-organised many conferences.

His main scientific interests have been in the area of enzymatic processes that are medically relevant.  More specifically, enzymes involved in production of lipid mediators of inflammation as well as the discovery of protein prenylation.  A second area is the development of drugs to treat diseases caused by parasites.  The second half of his career has been focused on development of new assays for expanded newborn screening.  These are mainly for lysosomal storage diseases (mucopolysaccharidoses, metachromatic leukodystrophy, and several others).  These assays were developed in a multiplexed fashion so that several diseases can be evaluated in a consolidated fashion.  These assays are in worldwide use by many newborn screening programs.




From left to right: Dianne Webster (ISNS-VicePresident), Marika Kase (Revvity), Michael Gelb, Petra Furu (Revvity), Peter Schielen (ISNS Office Manager)