Stephan Borte

Recipient of the Jean Dussault Medal 2019

Dr Stephan Borte received his MD from the University of Leipzig, Germany, in 2009. Subsequently, he specialised in clinical immunology and transfusion medicine (2010). He then followed a postgraduate education in the Department of Clinical Immunology, Karolinska Institute, Stockholm, Sweden where he also finished his PhD thesis with honours in 2014. Clinically, Stephan Borte is a paediatrician focused on inborn errors of the immune system.

Since 2014 he combines his functions of clinical research coordinator at the ImmunoDeficiencyCenter in Leipzig and Director Research and Member of the Scientific Advisory Board at ImmunoIVD AB, Stockholm, Sweden.
This dual engagement aims to facilitate integrative research in the field of primary immunodeficiency diseases.
As from 2020, Dr Borte was appointed as Head of the Department of Laboratory Medicine at Hospital St. Georg Leipzig.

Dr Borte already had published more than 60 papers in renowned journals and has been invited to give presentations in a large number of (inter)national conferences.
He is the recipient of a number of research awards.

Stephan Borte

Stephan Borte and Jim Bonham (ISNS President)

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