How to become a member

Anyone interested in neonatal screening can join ISNS.
The Society’s financial year coincides with the calender year.
The annual dues are EUR 35 irrespective of the date of joining. If the applicant pays for 2 or 3 years simultaneously the amounts are EUR 67 or EUR 95, respectively.
Members residing in a low-middle income country (as defined by the World Bank, see are entitled to a discount (EUR 15, EUR 28 or EUR 40, respectively).

That membership fee, compared to other professional organisations is really quite modest and the benefits are plenty.

  • You will receive discounts on ISNS events, both virtual and live,
  • You will receive a 20% discount on publication fees (1600 euro) for papers in International Journal of Neonatal Screening
  • You will receive ISNS Newsletters (with a bi-monthly literature notification service)
  • You will get access to a global database on neonatal screening data
  • But most of all-you will be part of a very active community with neonatal/newborn screening as a common denominator-over 400 members all around the world will be ready to work with you on better neonatal screening.

There are 2 ways of registration as a potential member.
1. (preferred way) After pressing the button “Member subscribe” on the home page, the applicant can fill in the application form. Please provide academic degree and the professional address data if applicable.
After approval of the membership, dues payment can be carried out online by credit card (Visa or Mastercard only) after having logged in with the username and password chosen during the registration process..

2. Instead of registering online the form below can be used.
Please print, complete and return the Membership Application form 2024.
After approval of the membership, the candidate receives an email with a provisional username and password. Dues payment can be carried out online by credit card (Visa or Mastercard only) after having logged in with this username and password..


Please note that a confirmation of dues payment is only available on request to the ISNS Office (email: )