ISNS-UKNSLN SCID meeting, virtual, January 26-27, 2021

This meeting is co-organised by ISNS and the UKNSLN.

NOTE: Its original date was May 18, 2020. In view of the Corona-problems, the organisers decided to postpone it to January 26-27, 2021, and have it as a virtual meeting.

The meeting will be held in the afternoon on both dates.

The registration fee for this meeting is GBP 25/EUR 30/USD 35,  payable to ISNS.

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Newborn Screening for SCID
‘State of the Art’ 

Jan 26thth and Jan 27th 2021
Hosted by: The International Society for Neonatal Screening and the UK Newborn Screening Laboratories Network
Sponsored by: Immuno IVD, Perkin Elmer and Labsystems 

Day 1:  26th January 2021 (all times are UTC/GMT +0)

Time Title Speaker
Chair: Peter Schielen & Jim Bonham
14.00 14.15 Introductions and the purpose of the meeting Jim Bonham & Leire Solis
14.15 14.30 Screening for SCID: – the clinical perspective inc QA&A Bobby Gaspar
14.35 14.50 Establishing screening in the US and experience in California Jennifer Puck
14.55 15.10 Experience in the Netherlands Maartje Blom
15.15  15.30 Experience in Sweden Rolf Zetterstrom
15.35 15.50 Combined Q&A Jim Bonham & Peter Schielen
15.55 16.10 Experience in France Marie Audrain
16.15 16.30 Experience in Germany Fabian Hauck
16.35 16.50 Experience in Spain Ana Argudo Ramirez & Jose Manuel Gonzalez de Aledo
16.55 17.10 Experience in Wisconsin Mei Baker
17.15 17.30 Experience in New Zealand Dianne Webster
17.35 17.55 Combined Q&A Jim Bonham & Peter Schielen
17.55 18.10 A perspective from PE Perkin Elmer
18.10 18.35 Summary and end of day Jim Bonham & Peter Schielen

Day 2: 27th January 2021 (all times are UTC/GMT +0)

14.00 14.15 An introduction to Day 2 Jim Bonham
14.15 14.30 A perspective from Immuno IVD Immuno IVD
14.35 14.50 Methodologies for screening, cut off etc. Lesley Tetlow
14.55 15.10 A perspective on assay performance from CDC Suzanne Cordovado
15.15  15.30 Combined Q&A Jim Bonham & Peter Schielen
15.35 15.50 Case definitions and related issues Mirjam van der Burg
15.55 16.10 The role of immunology and confirmatory testing Kimberley Gilmour
16.15 16.30 Proposed study design in the UK David Elliman
16.35 16.50 Do preterm babies require special consideration? Mei Baker
16.50 17.10 Combined Q&A Jim Bonham & Peter Schielen
17.10  17.25 A perspective from Lab Systems Lab Systems
17.25  17.45 Summary Jim Bonham & Peter Schielen